For me, making images is constantly a source of seeking the magic balance between the people I photograph and me, meeting somewhere in the middle of who they are and who I am. Bringing their experiences, to meet with mine. Or the other way around.

This doesn’t happen just like that, it happens because there is somewhere a good will from both parties to share, and open and let go. It doesn’t have to be deep, but the most simple things I find are meaningful. Observation, curiosity (not the nosy-gossipy kind), openness and genuine commitment.

Val and Greg, without even knowing it have absolutely freed something in me. They invited me to Perth and I found myself in their life. The generosity with which they opened the doors to it made my work take a whole new meaning.

I am so proud of these images. They depict the atmosphere, the life of this couple as they live it, without the decoration, the glamour. They gave so much of themselves in their home, in their favourite places, as they are, without trying hard, without forcing something or another.

Thank you Greg and Val for the generosity with which you opened your life to me and for letting go in front of the camera, truly as if I wasn’t there.

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