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At the time that I write this post, it’s day 28 of lockdown in France. I think ? I am on day 5 of burning chest, headaches of doom, and shortness of breath.  Most of these 5 days have been spent in bed. According to the online consultation with my physician, I present a mild form of Covid-19. The mild form still sucks. We have also had a broken arm, a sprained ankle, 5 hospital visits, and I have experienced a mix of feelings on a daily basis for different reasons. Some from the past, some from the right now. I find it a bit difficult to put it all down, I feel like I need some time.

We have done some learning at home, yes, but mainly through free play, and games and art and baking and reading, scavenger hunts, apps on the Ipad and listening to audio books. It’s definitely not been on a regular basis, but hey, the girls are happy. They are also sources of joy, empathy, resilience and patience. Two birthdays were celebrated via videos and we have fully appreciated having a garden, and lovely weather. We have laughed a lot, we have slept in, we have spent days in pjs. Nature has looked more beautiful than ever, and the sea has never been so calm, looking peaceful in its own rhythm, unspoiled.



In a timely way, during my current read, this made me pause :

“And then I remember : the sea moves. it shifts constantly, changes: it is never the same thing for more than one moment. And this is what the land tries to make us forget. The land makes us think we are fixed, that all happens to us is all we will ever be, that we are in control of our lives. It makes us believe that if you stay in one fixed place, you can be in charge of it all, you can be safe. But it is a lie, utterly.”  – POORNA BELL.



I started my yearly light project, joined by 200 + photographers for the first time. It is an exciting project for me and one that seems to be bringing joy, pleasure and creativity to many in this time of uncertainty and worry. Looking for light whilst being ill keeps me going.

I try to look at all of this with the eyes of the woman who has had to adapt and create in the many years of living abroad, in different countries, cultures and jobs. Something tells me that I have what it takes to make it work. I think adapting and creativity are two of my best skills and I shall endeavour to continue to make good use of these, come what may. In the meantime, I’ll just rest.

For everyone stumbling upon this post, I wish you health both in body and mind during these extra-ordinary times.

Diana Hagues, one of the founders of this beautiful community, is the next artist in the loop. Please do go, read and discover her images and beautiful video.


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  1. Oh goodness – I’m sorry the beginning of quarantine was so rough for you. But what a beautiful collection of images you made, and it sounds like memories as well. Our girls look the same ages – how old are yours? :)PS: I apologize this comment is SO late – I somehow didn’t make it through this entire circle last time, eek!

  2. I am so sorry you have had quite a journey in the last few months; testing all kinds of emotions and patience, but also knowing how strong and resilient you are too. I always admire your wisdom and ability to look in the good in everything, and it shows in your photos. They look ever so peaceful and idyllic, despite what is happening in the world.

    1. I think our kids are where the joy and the peace are coming from. If in doubt, I always look up to them. Thank you my lovely friend xx

  3. Hi Caro, Sorry to hear that you are not well because of mild Covid-19 symptoms and also all the hospital visits. Please take care and hope you will recover soon! I xx

  4. Caro, Caro! I am so sorry you’ve been unwell, and for all the broken bones/ankles! What a ride! And yet I am in AWE at how beautifully and full of light you have captured this time in your lives! The images are a dream, seriously, they transmit such a great mix of scenes and details, feelings and emotion of how you are living this time as a family! Sending much much love, you are an inspiration! xx

  5. My gosh, you’ve really had a time of it, and yet you seem to have captured all the feelings in both words and images that compliment each other. Sending you so much love for a speedy recovery from this, xx

  6. I can feel the patience and resilience through your beautiful storytelling. I am so sorry you are feeling so ill. It had been one thing after another during lockdown. You are completely justified to be on a roller coaster of emotion too… I feel that ebb and flow almost like a tide. It is overwhelming but I truly pray there comes a day you can release it. You are always an inspiration, in your art through photographs or written words.I hope you are on the mend soon Caro. Sending you all my love. xxx

    1. Dear Hollie, I feel like I am on the path of recovery now, thank you. I kind of look forward to the time when we are going to be able to look back at this and smile because we did OK, our children did OK. xx

  7. Wow this was such a raw and emotional post, I really loved reading this. I’m also in awe of your beautiful images! Such stunning magical light. I am in also total awe of where you live! Those views of the sea are making my heart ache, I miss the sea so much. x

    1. Oh thank you so much Jess. The views have definitely helped us all feel peace and calm. The sea, even from afar has healing powers. x

  8. Oh Caro, this is just stunning. I’m so sorry you are feeling poorly and it sounds like the hospital visits and broken limbs are not helping but you’re right that creativity is so very clearly as strength you can utilise well. I hope you feel better soon and I can’t wait to see more beautifully light filled images. xxx

    1. Thank you Abigail ! Your video was so, so moving. Your voice also soothing and hopeful. I am in so much awe of you. Lots of love xx

  9. Your words brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful images and wisdom. Much love to you and I hope you start feeling better and stronger everyday.

    1. Dearest Paige, thank you ! I’m feeling much better today. I felt so much strength from all the posts today. Much love xx


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