Season of Motherhood March 2021 …

Season of Motherhood is part of ARTIFACT MOTHERHOOD – a project shared with other female artists who are documenting our journeys as mothers and creating memories for our children through our photographs and words. If you are keen to do the rounds and discover the other artists taking part, you can start with the very lovely Diana Hagues and follow on.
Tired motherhood.  Overwhelmed motherhood. Motherhood that keeps going. Motherhood that surrenders.  I am OK motherhood. I’m here for you motherhood. I need some quiet motherhood. I love you so much motherhood. I am grateful motherhood. You are quite the adventure, Motherhood.


little girl in a swimsuit standing against a wall. mum is lying down and a teen girl sitting and reading her book on a beach french riviera




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  1. Quite the adventure indeed… always on the go… never slowing down. I really do adore this moment… your picture reminds me of brief season of rest and retreat in the midst of all the chaos. You’ve got this, Caro.


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