I am about to embark on my fourth year for this project, and invited other photographers to join in for this year. If you’d like to see my evolution, here are the links to Year 1 and Year 2. We are all going to be responsible for our own projects, but at least this year, I will have buddies to share ideas with. You will find our images under #100daysoflumiere2019 on Instagram. When starting a project I believe it is always a good idea to take a good look at where we are on the matter. It helps to have direction and a sense of purpose.

WHY do I do this ? Well, to be honest, it started from an enormous lack of knowledge and practice regarding THE art of photography. Capturing emotion, important moments wasn’t a hard thing to do for me. But doing so with an interesting light or to have the light to come and amplify these emotions and moments wasn’t there. That was 4 years ago.

Year 3 was an emotional turmoil year for me, in the midst of packing our home to a different country and therapy, finding light was a bit of a struggle if I am honest. But also, it gave me something to hold on to. I think I improved in my editing and use of colour and unconsciously doing so with different types of natural light. I love to see that I am constantly evolving and honing in how my images to speak.

2019 seems a little more stable emotionally but it is also coming with a great deal of challenges and exciting things that are equally scary and opportunities to blossom. So I’d like to see how/if I can add a dose of poetry to my images in this year’s edition. I’ll still need to explore what that might mean for me.

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