Why do I privilege at home lifestyle family photography? “Home is where the heart is” means so much to me and the way I photograph families in their home. Most people I photograph are expats, and some of us have been away from our “home” country for more than a decade. We all have to make a home, wherever we are, but especially when you are living thousands of miles away from everything and everyone you have grown up with.

Truth is, I know our roots are important, but I also believe how good it is to find other roots in the different places of the world that we have lived in. What does matter to me, is that feeling of safety, and love, and companionship and human interactions that a home is made of – and a few comfy pillows. These feelings, no matter where we are, as we develop our sense of home and what it actually means, are just a work in progress, us doing our best to build a happy home.

So, I go and photograph that, the moments of these families in their own space, the home that they have built here. Behind the hustle and bustle of a busy, vibrant Asian city, there it is, our home, our space, where we host parties, where and how we like to hang out on the weekend.

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