Kuala Lumpur, September 2017.

This is the first newborn lifestyle shoot I have done with just a mother and her baby boy, just 3 weeks new and I loved it! The intimacy of being in the bedroom, the sweet smell of everything baby, the cosiness of the bed and the gentle morning light.

You’d think that we would remember so perfectly the repeated gestures of the first few weeks with a newborn being 24 hours on call, day-and-night-blurring-into-one kind of jam. Add a toddler to the equation and you are done: brains have evaporated into thin air. It doesn’t feel like the most glamorous time of a woman’s life either, granted, but I send you back to my previous post and why everyone should be in the picture.

It’s about what happens at that moment, the connections that happen naturally because you are doing what is most familiar to you in the most familiar place of all: your home, sweet home. And above all, how we show love and how it’s given in return. It’s about why you are here, right now, and with whom. Ultimately, it’s about wrapping these blurry, endless, never-to-return-again moments into a soft baby blanket that you’d save in the safest place you know because you want your future grown up baby to know how it all was back then. One day, -perhaps when you have forgotten or when you have regained some sleep time, a bit- or as often as you like, you can look at these again, and again…

Through the images captured, your story, your home, your moments, re-discover it all, smile and shed a few tears, remember sounds and touches only you and your baby will ever know.

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