I have two kids and I am going to stop there: it’s a nice even number, and our hands are quite full already so that’s me done. I do love newborns though and I do love even more the ability and luck I have to admire them, cuddle them sometimes, and then when the shoot is done, happily give them back!

Parents open their door to me, in spite of the newness in their life, the sleepless nights, the endless feeding and changing, and they do so, may I add, with smiles, and ease and an absolute warmth that I am always grateful for and in awe of.

I am lucky to meet the nicest people but  I try to prepare the best I can parents and myself before I come to the home and take photos. I need for the shoot to be as peaceful as possible, to be an experience and a time that parents will actually enjoy and cherish. We won’t call it a photo shoot, we will call it Life-As-It-Is-Right-Now at this superb and awesome moment in life.

Meet Ise, who is not that new and tiny any longer…

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  1. Superbe ! Beaucoup d’amour et de sérénité dans ces clichés. J’aime vraiment la lumière qui se dégage de tes photos. Encore bravo 🙂


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