Days are long and years go by too fast. It is probably not the right wording, but I remember this quote. I remember it when I feel stuck, somehow, in a routine that I don’t value at that moment in time. And it feels like I need to shake it off, to get over myself and contemplate the moment for what it is.

I remember sitting on the bed, with my newborn, eyes half closed, caught between dreamless sleep and reality in the form of little sounds of milk drinking. And that was day time. Or was it? It felt endless and lovely, and chore-like and a privilege all at the same time.  Not everyone will feel the nostalgia months or years later, I actually don’t. But I smile when I think about it. It happened. I was there, I lived it. I have photos that my kids can look at. This is how we began our journey together and t is worth keeping, treasuring. My girls now love to look at the photos I took during that time. They can’t remember but they feel it, I know because they smile and they imagine and they come cuddle close when we talk about how tiny they were.

During the time that I spend with new parents, I re-discover that feeling of awe and time passing slowly, not really knowing what’s going on sometimes, as the tiredness has taken over everything. But it’s a journey, it’s your journey. Like any traveling experience, your life journey is here to be recorded. It happened, you lived it, you were there, and your tiny little human, that you made, is now in that journey too, these pictures will tell him/her all about it when they are ready to discover. Your stories will have images for them to look at, and this is a true gift of heritage you are giving them.

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