Season of Motherhood August 2021

Season of Motherhood is part of ARTIFACT MOTHERHOOD – a project shared with other female artists who are documenting our journeys as mothers and creating memories for our children through our photographs and words.
As a reminder, my last season of motherhood is here.
Go next to the wonderful artist Kirsty Larmour to read her post in our blog circle.

portrait d'une maman avec ses deux filles. Maman est assise par terre, adossee au mur, la tete sur sa plus grande qui est asssie dans une fauteuil jaune. la plus petite fille est allongee sur la maman
A busy summer. A summer where I worked away, and at home, a lot. A guilt free summer. I find myself again when I am away, and I return better. A bonding summer – the belly laughs, the cakes made, the trips to the beach, the movies watched when it was too hot to move, playing with toys, the memory games, even the days spent doing not much and being ok with that. A summer of grief. For the losses, the things and people we missed, for the fires, the floods, the human tragedies and the news in general. A stressful summer, things out of our control. A summer full of dreams. Future travels and ambitions, words written and sent with hope, the ones that still linger, waiting to meet paper, and be read.  A summer where we grew a little more. Milestones, in pains and joys for you and me, and acceptance for all that his summer came to be, each in our own journeys.

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